Tetra makes fish products. They sell everything short of the fish themselves. Food, tanks, decorations, you name it. The brand is expert-recommended and have been the market leader for the last 60 years. With this knowledge in hand, we determined the best way to sell more Tetra, would be to sell more people on Fishkeeping.

Fishkeeping is the hobby of maintaining and caring for an ecosystem of fish. It involves every aspect of care: from balancing pH levels, to designing the tank, to the protection and care of the animals. When you begin to look into this world, the relationship aspects of a fish owner vs. a dog or cat owner are inherently different.
My team and I wanted to explore this as a starting point to better understand this complex and unique relationship.



When you begin to break down the relationships, a spectrum forms. Of course there are outliers, but in general, dogs are seen as the highest interaction pet, whereas fish are hardly interacted with at all.
But what does that mean for Tetra? 

It means people do not think they can have a relationship with a fish, like they can with a dog or cat. They think that your interaction with a fish starts and ends with feeding. 

However, every fishkeeper is different. Maybe a majority just keep Nemo in a glass bowl, but others dedicate entire rooms to their fish.                        Let's break them down a bit.

The Current market Distribution. Tons of owners, not many dedicated hobbyists.

The Current market Distribution. Tons of owners, not many dedicated hobbyists.

Types of Fishkeepers

Pet Fish Owners: These are your average every day owners. They have one fish, which they keep in a modest bowl, with little to no interaction outside of feeding. This is the most common perception of someone who owns fish.

Fishkeepers: Much more intricate set-ups. They have multiple fish with larger tanks, elaborate decorations, and spend roughly 1-2 hours a day with their fish, making sure the tank is in perfect working condition. View the relationship as a hobby.

Aquarists: This group is the real deal. They spend tens of thousands of dollars a year on their fish. They have entire rooms dedicated to the hobby with their tanks mostly consisting of expensive saltwater fish. They spend multiple hours every single day monitoring pH levels, feeding, and nurturing the fish while simultaneously pouring time and energy into meticulously aquascaping (crafting a perfectly recreated natural ecosystem) the tanks themselves. 


Opportunity: Introduce people to fishkeeping at the second level, building long-term enthusiasts.

But why spend so much time on a creature that is boring?

Well, I asked Fishkeepers to speak for themselves.



For the true Fishkeepers, this is the world’s most challenging, yet rewarding hobby.

It connects both their artistic and scientific passions.

They’re completely immersed in every meticulous detail of caring for these fish.

They have complete control and ...

They feel like gods of their own tiny universes.


Inspire future Fishkeepers to design as they desire


The Aquaverse Is Yours

Creative - The Aquaverse Is Yours

We first created a manifesto that would signal the rebirth of Tetra as a brand for Fishkeepers.




We knew that our creative output had to solve real tensions that Fishkeepers face, or else our new ideas would be met as lip-service.

Every creative execution was done intentionally with one of these tensions in mind.

Refreshed Identity


Tetra's current identity hasn't been refreshed in almost sixty years. The branding has grown outdated and no longer stands out on the shelves. We wanted to launch Tetra into the 21st century while still keeping the iconic features and feeling of the old logo. The new iteration elicits a feeling of bold simplicity, while maintaining an air of sophistication and authority. 

Old logo

Old logo

New Logo 

New Logo 

Can you find all the tetra? It makes up almost 50% of the aisle.

Can you find all the tetra? It makes up almost 50% of the aisle.

Packaging + Product

Our packaging has become cluttered and complicated over time. A system of color identification leaves our products difficult to understand and has begun to dilute our overall branding.  In an effort to better capitalize on our shelf space, we need to redesign the product portfolio.

The new packaging has an ownable identity. The color is bold against a sea of highlighter colors and helps identify Tetra quickly.

The new product "Safe Clay" gives users the ability to craft and create their own individual items that can then be sprayed with the "Safe Coat" and easily placed into the tank.



Digital Experience

In order to get people over the hump and into Fishkeeping, we redesigned Tetra.com into a personal adventure where using a combination of your social accounts and machine learning, we deliver you a one-of-a-kind tank.

You can learn, build, and buy all in one place.

The new Tetra.com is a simple, elegant onboarding process for Fishkeepers.

Desktop HD Copy 11.jpg

Native Social

Hit share to send your tank design to social media, pushing viewers and friends to try it for themselves.



We wanted to create a product that would alleviate the biggest tension potential Fishkeepers face: the lack of interaction with their fish. Introducing TetraSwim, a chapstick-sized submersible that lives inside your fish tank. Utilizing a mounted 360-degree camera, users can strap on a headset and pilot TetraSwim to explore their creation on an entirely new level.

Experience the world you’ve created, swim alongside the fish that you care for, and see your tank for what it is: Your Aquaverse.

TetraSwim helps Fishkeepers break the glass wall.


Additional Activations

Social / Print / Retail / Experiential


Why This Works

Hobbies are in our nature.

We're inspiring people to join this hobby.

We're creating an immersive ecosystem through which Fishkeepers can get more out of their hobby.

And ultimately, we are positioning Tetra to become the market authority on Fishkeeping in the future. 



Winner - BEST IN SHOW for Student Projects
Richmond Ad Show, 2017