Drive people to volunteer their time to the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army is seeing a record amount of monetary donations but a drop in their amount of volunteers. This has left them short-staffed and unable to have the direct impact they want to be having.

Dropping change in a bucket gives people a mental out. It's human nature to empathize with plight, but donating allows them to live with their "blinders on."

Play off the notion that someone may have "done their part" and empower volunteers to give tangible change.

Creative Concept:
To The Streets!


Creative - To The Streets

The streets, rather than the pulpit is where real change is made.
Our campaign is built to inspire action.
To get our hands dirty.
To cast aside our propensity to give money, and instead,
give something that will keep us invested:




120 Second Spot

30 second spot


Print + OOH


Digital Volunteer Registry

Easily find volunteer opportunities based on your location.


Mobile Integration

Using geo-location tech, we can integrate volunteer opportunities into everyday conversations using our mobile plug-in.