Documentary - Not A Commodity

The last time you popped a piece of cheese into your mouth, did you think, "I'm getting hints of dried oak?" You probably didn't, but that doesn't mean you can't. Enter the Cheesemonger - a true master of cheese knowledge. Like the Sommelier in the world of wine, Cheesemongers are as highly skilled and as highly trained. Tasked with shooting, cutting, and producing a documentary on the topic of our choosing, this little known world proved to be lush with intrigue.

Three Key Takeaways:
A love of cheddar doesn't bring 'the cheddar.'
 They do this because they truly love cheese.

2. Success is being a little rebellious.
You've got to bring something to the table no other cheesemonger has to stand out.

3. The Art of the Pitch.
It's not enough to be knowledgable, cheesemongers must be masters of the sale.



In conjunction with my partner Melanie Thompson.

Podcast - The Anatomy of a Stream

Twitch is a world filled with captivating individuals - populated by stories, laughs, and real life. It's a place where anything can happen, live and in front of thousands of close knit viewers. These small communities center around an electric personality, one like Jason Kittell - a gamer, an entertainer, and a streamer. He hits the “Go Live” button and they’re off. Viewers begin to flock in. And the game has begun.

But who are these streamers? Why pour hours upon hours into this craft? How do they build their communities and what are the personalities on which they are built? And who are these viewers? What void does Twitch fill for them? What captivates, captures, and enamors them? We explore this and more in our episode.

Three Key Takeaways
1. Out of the basement and into the spotlight.
The shy personalities we once knew are gone, in their place stand electric personalities, like Jason.

2. Judgement-free zone, bro.
Streaming is about connecting with the people in the community, not the game. Egos are checked at the door. 

3. One streamer, but a team effort
A well-run stream is a family unit, it takes effort from everyone for it to work right.