Creative - A Table For Crazy

With other family-restaurants pivoting to attract millennials, Fuddruckers has a prime opportunity to reestablish itself for family dining.
We wanted patrons to know that their families would always be welcome at Fuddruckers.
No matter how crazy, or how absurd, or how wacky.



We wanted to create a distinct personality for Fuddruckers. A voice that would distinguish it from other competitors and one that would firmly plant the idea that this is and always will be a restaurant for families. To do this, the creative team not only created one voice, they created a whole families worth.



Meet The Family

The Fuddruckers are a fictional family who will now play the role of Fuddruckers owners. They are a crazy family, with wildly varying personalities and thoughts on how the company should be run. They decide what new menu items are debuted each month, what new promotions are ran, and what Fudd-Holidays are being celebrated.

This new creative identity manifests itself in advertising, in-store design, and product innovation. The :60 spot below serves as the introductory ad to promote a web-series dedicated to the Fuddruckers. 


Social Media

To give the family a voice and promote the digital web-series, we created social content that inherently
felt as though it may come from an account shared by twelve different family members.
Every piece of content pushes viewers back to the web-series. 


In-Store Changes

Brand Guidebook /  The "Fam-Burger" / Interactive Tables


Why This Works:

Typically once a parent experiences child-shaming in a restaurant, they don't go back.

Our strategy embraces this wild family behavior and welcomes them.

The Fuddrucker family can live beyond this campaign and help push the brand to new and interesting ways.

And ultimately we're helping families spend just a little more time together.